The theme of gender cuts across all TWGs areas of special interest: to exemplify briefly in TWG 1 on states, legislation and institutions because inter alia of the specific issue of women’s more ambiguous relationship to the public sphere both in the past and in the present, the relation of politically and socially defined gender roles in the organisation of consent for different governments and so forth; Power and culture – TWG 2 – very obviously because of the role of culture, including language, art and architecture in reinforcing certain gender images and practices; TWG Religion and Philosophical Concepts is an area of particular relevance for a gender reading (and one on which CLIOHnet has just published a volume); TWG 4 is explicitly dedicated to Gender; Frontiers and Identities (TWG 5) must take into account gender images and stereotypes, often one of the non-coercible markers of otherness; Europe and the World addresses this theme in a yet broader context and against the experience of colonialism etc.


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