Professions and Social Identity
Editor/s: B. Waaldijk
Publication date: 10/1/2006

Book Description
Professions and Social Identity
With this book, the Network’s Thematic Work Group 4, on “Work, Gender and Society”, lays the foundation for its ambitious five year work-plan. As its name shows, the workgroup does not adhere to the common practice of studying social, economic and gender history as discrete strands of the human past. In our academic world, each of these ‘strands’ with its own specialists, chairs, programmes, bibliographies and journals – has become a separate field of inquiry, very often even studied and taught in different university faculties by researchers and lecturers whose concerns and methodological reference points have little in common. And yet, it is evident – and even banal – that economic production, social organisation and the lives of human beings of all genders are inextricably connected.




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